Available Other Reptiles

Below is a list of animals we currently have available. To narrow your search, you may use the search criteria located at the right hand side of this page. To inquire about an animal, please note the animal's ID number and then contact us. If you can’t find what you are looking for, ask us and we can probably help you locate it.

Lavender albino uromastyx geyri



I currently own the only lavender albino uromastyx geyri in the world. I was able to aquire the animal pictured as a fresh hatchling and have watched in awe with every shed as color develops. Truely an amazing animal.  This project proved genetic in 2019 and both visual albinos and het should be for sale in 2021.

CB uromastyx princeps


Sex: Unknown

Another Uromastyx species I’m lucky to work with. Small size and huge tail spikes make one neat lizard! Typically hatch mid to late summer.

CB uromastyx thomasi


Sex: Unknown

Super fun and uncommon species I am happy to work with. Typically hatch mid summer. I have both green and blue adults in my collection.



Born: 2017
Sex: Female, Male

Small size, ease of care and increadable color as adult make these a great keeper. $800 ea.

Loxocemus bicolor


Sex: Female, Male

An awesome now quite uncommon in the hobby serpent. Adult size of about four feet with incredible iridescence. Readily feeds on rodents, tame and just cool! I typically have a clutch or two every season for sale. 2021 looks promising.