About Marki Reptiles

How Marki Reptiles Started

Thank you for visiting Marki Reptiles. We are excited for the opportunity to share our love of reptiles with our customers. It all started with one, seemingly harmless, wild type Ball Python. In time I learned of the seemingly endless variations of color and pattern in these snakes and turned my hobby into my living.  I enjoy working with not just Ball Pythons, but other reptiles as well such as Mexican Burrowing Pythons and  several variety of Tortoises .

Marki Reptiles Facility

Marki Reptiles is located amongst the towering Saguaros and boulder strewn mountains of Tucson, Arizona. The warm weather and 330 days of sunshine a year make it an ideal spot to breed reptiles, despite the occasional summer time highs of 118 degrees.

We take great pride in our facility. The health of our snakes is our number one priority so we do our best to take measures to ensure their continued health. This starts first and foremost with the snakes’ cages. We currently use a combination of Animal Plastics and the very flexible Vision racks.

The hatchling and  juvenile pythons are housed in the Vision racks due to their flexibility. We can configure the racks to hold a bunch of small tubs perfect for hatchling ball pythons and then as they grow, reconfigure the rack to hold slightly fewer of the medium sized tubs until the juvenile Ball Pythons finally graduate to a full size tub in the animal Plastics rack. My tortoises have access to year round outdoor living enjoying our warm Arizona sun.